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Does the bonus have an expiration date?

The bonus received is valid for 12 months from disbursement.

When will I receive my bonus?

You will receive your bonus when the invited friend has completed their first purchase on Holyart. The bonus will be available as a credit in your wallet and can be used for your next orders, within 12 months of disbursement.

How can I see how many friends I have invited?

In the “Invite a Friend” section of my Account you can monitor the status of the credits deriving from your invitations.

Are there limits to the number of people I can invite?

There are no limits to the number of people you can invite.

Why haven’t I received the bonus after inviting a friend?

If you have not yet received the bonus, it means that:

  • The invited friend has registered but has not yet completed their first purchase
  • The invited user has not completed all the steps or fraudulent conduct has been identified*

*Holyart reserves the right to block the disbursement of credits deriving from suspected fraudulent conduct during the registration phase for new accounts and first orders.